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Diarrhea Flu Esdifan is the natural way to treat diarrhea and stops diarrhea fast. We have all dealt with a sour stomach and diarrhea. Our options for relief have been limited. Other remedies and unnatural products cause side effects such as constipation while we continue to have the stomach pains and cramping.

ESDIFAN is a natural way to treat diarrhea and gives the most effective relief for diarrhea and sour stomach.   

It will stop diarrhea and sour stomach usually with one dose. It brings the body back to normal. It takes away the stomach pains and leaves you back with regular movements. Going to eat something you know you are going to have an issue with? No problem, ESDIFAN even works as a preventative. Take your life back, take ESDIFAN.

Directions: Take 6 capsules with water at first sign of symptoms (or before you eat something that you know will give you a problem, as a preventive). Usually works in one dose. Take more doses as needed. Once the diarrhea has stopped, you can take a daily maintenance dose of 3 capsules twice a day.

Diarrhea Flu


Diarrhea Flu
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