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I wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful and amazing product you have in Esdifan. I'm in my late twenties, and I have anxiety disorders that often affect my digestive system. I don't want to take OTC products like Imodium because they can be harmful. I love that I can take a few capsules of Esdifan and be perfectly fine for the entire day. I even like taking one capsule per day normally to help boost my immune system. I think you have a revolutionary supplement, and I'm a big fan

Joanna Paul


My name is Anna and I live in Australia. I have your product Esdifan
and used it and its wonderful. I obtained this product through a friend of a friend whom had Similar problem like myself (irritable bowel). I can't speak highly enough of Esdifan. I have very little left and am afraid its going to finish and left with none. Can someone in your organization be kind enough to contact me by email to give me information on how to obtain this product in Australia.

Anna Calvares

Dear Esdifan,
I had purchased your product more than a year ago if i remember it correctly. I had had a long uncontrollable diarrhea at that time. I took strong medication that my doctor gave me to stop that, and had many tests over and over again, but it got worse and worse. I couldn't go to work. And finally after all that, I have found the right natural way to cure my illness. The Esdifan cured my illness!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful product.

Yoshiko Aloisio

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

The order arrived Saturday (just in the nick of time!) It saved my life twice already and I'm grateful to you for being so prompt.

Liz Hevey

I have had a large amount of surgery done due to Crohn's disease, so I only have 38 inches of small bowel left (no large). I take an incredible amount of medication to try to slow it down. I have found that Esdifan helps me. I never thought there'd ever be anything to help, so I'm also very grateful to the people that created Esdifan. I wish that I had the health to become an employee. I'm positive that I could convince companies to buy Esdifan. If it will work for me, it will work for anyone! I'm the perfect commercial. LOL!

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

By the way, I was the one that e-mailed you last week saying the product was not working for my husband. We upped his dose to the full amount that you recommended and now it works great! Thanks alot!


Can you please advise me what Zeohealth has planned or underway for distribution of its products within this part of the world? The reason I ask is my wife is using Esdifan tablets to help with her IBS and they help, believe me.I have a much happier woman. So naturally I wondered how many other IBS suffers are missing a great product. I look forward to your response.

With best regards
John Clarke


Marcia Siegel

I just wanted to let you know that I'm now on a maintenance dose of Esdifan and doing fine. This is the first time in almost a year that my
stomach hasn't been acting up--no pains, no diarrhea. This product has changed my life. I'm a very happy woman.

Thanks again,
Estelle Kleinman

Hello, I would just like to comment on what an amazing product Esdifan is. I had a major operation some 5 years ago and had a third of my stomach removed caused by an intestinal stromal tumor. Ever since I have had no end of trouble with diarrhea and had seen many medical doctors and stomach specialists to try and get to the core of this issue, to no avail. It was thought to be a bug caused from the surgery and related to the antibiotic. To cut a long story short, as I had exhausted all medical areas, I felt I had to look at any alternative medicines, and upon spending a day on the internet, I found your website. I have now used this product on several occasions and I even take the bottle with me when I travel on business to countries such as China, Korea, Thailand etc... On every occasion, Esdifan has been a life saver. Your product works fast and truly has changed my life. I personally have told many people about this and will continue to tell many more.
I am just about to order another bottle and though I must take to the time to actually let you know how I feel about your product.

Thanks so much
M Lightfoot
New Zealand


Iíve had IBS-C and D for about 30 years. The last 10 years have been horrific! I started to have urgent, non-stoppable diarrhea attacks. They came on so suddenly and powerful that, at least, twice a week I would have an accident. As you can imagine, this was life altering. This has to be the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a person. People have a very hard time understanding how an adult cannot ďhold itĒ. Of course I went to more doctors then I can count and had more tests then I care to remember. Iíve been on too many medications to list. Iíve changed my diet and stopped eating certain foods and stopped drinking anything that had caffeine in it. These things helped somewhat, but I was still having accidents. Nothing that I took or did stopped them. I knew where every bathroom in the tri-state area was. I always had a change of clothes and a waterproof pad in the car to put on the seat so I wouldnít ruin the upholstery. It was a very stressful way to live. It would take us so long to get somewhere. Because of my fear of an accident, I would insist on stopping at every bathroom along the way. When we went out to dinner or to an event, I spent more time in the bathroom then anywhere.
Iíve always researched online and most of the things that I did to help myself were from things that I learned online. My research intensified after suffering a very personal blow. I noticed that our sex life was dwindling away. I ask my husband why and he didnít want to tell me, so of course, I thought the worst. I finally begged him to tell me why and he admitted to me that it was because of my ďaccidentsĒ. I was shocked because he had always been so terrific and supportive when they happened. He would even offer to help clean up when needed, which I really didnít want him to do. Of course, I was devastated! At the same time I understood why he would be turned off about it. It was a disgusting situation and embarrassing for him too!
At that point, I decided that I had to find something to help. So I did some more research and found Esdifan! I was skeptical, to say the least. It said that it was a cure for diarrhea. Yeah, right! I had nothing to lose but a few more dollars and a lot to gain if it worked; so I placed my first order. I hoped that it wasnít going to be like everything else that I tried that would work for a few weeks then quit working.
I started out taking 4 capsules first thing in the morning and before each meal and before I went to bed. I was extremely hesitant to trust it, so it took a while before I felt comfortable using it. Iíve been on it for about 2 months now and havenít had any accidents! In fact, Iíve been having unbelievably normal bowel movements. Iím starting to feel like a normal person again both physically and emotionally. Iím beginning to feel comfortable about going out and doing things in public again. Iím even able to eat a lot of foods that I couldnít eat for so many years. I have to say that Esdifan has allowed me to have my life back. I would highly recommend it to anyone that has IBS-D, but also for IBS-C. I donít seem to have that problem anymore either.

From PA

This Product is BEST EVER! I can't say Thank You enough.
Jeri Boyd


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