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Chronic Diarrhea
Irritable Bowel Syndrome ESDIFAN is an all natural diarrhea supplement with unique properties, which was researched and developed by a life - long sufferer. It removes toxins from your digestive tract and stops diarrhea and stomach pains fast without the side effects of other diarrhea aid products.


Our customers become loyal repeat customers after they see how this natural diarrhea supplement "ESDIFAN" changes their life.

No More Embarrassing Accidents!

No More Looking for the Closest Bathroom!

Be Able to Eat Out Again!

Take Back Your Life!

The ingredients in our natural diarrhea supplement are recognized as Safe by the FDA. It contains no stimulants, painkillers or drugs of any kind. Our natural diarrhea supplement contains all natural vitamins and minerals. It is the physical properties of the mineral Zeolite, in combination with our complete formula, that makes the product so effective.

We also invite you to view our FAQ (frequently Asked Questions) section to answer any questions that you may have regarding this mineral and product.

Chronic Diarrhea
Subject: Esdifan Kudos

I just want to thank you all for the exceptional product Esdifan. I have suffered with ... for over two years now.... ever since I contracted salmonella poisoning my digestive system has been in an uproar.
Everyday since that time I have suffered ... with ... diarrhea. I have taken large doses of calcium and other treatments with no long lasting relief. I also have been tested for parasites in the stool and many other things without a clear diagnosis of the source. Your natural diarrhea supplement is simply outstanding and it looks like I'll be able to recapture more pleasant moments in life as a direct result of Esdifan.

I just happen to have run across your product while reviewing the offerings at my local CVS. I thought that your product was a bit expensive.... but when you suffer the way I have.... I had nothing to lose. I'm so glad that I dared to try your diarrhea supplement! Your advertising of the natural diarrhea supplement did everything that it promised and I'm a happy customer.

Thanks again,

Darryl Hackley
Satisfied Customer
Lanham, MD, USA


Subject: I received a healing!

Oh my goodness thank you thank you and more thank you.  I am an african American male..I have had type one ... for over 13 years and i received a kidney and Pancreas ... that cured the ... all together.  however over the years i developed ... all through my digestive track..and i have had ... diarrhea ever since, i could not stay the night with friends for fear of having an accident in their beds..I have on many occasions had to get off the bus and find a toilet or even bushes to move my bowels..i have spent hundreds of dollars on underwear because they were ruined by the ... diarrhea.

I started to wear adult diapers to at lease save my clothing..and i am only 38 years old..

I was taking the strongest ... on the market for diarrhea called helped a little but made me tired and weak all day long.  I still could not leave the house.

Then i went to CVS to buy a box of ... and i saw your Natural Diarrhea Product..I took 4 capsules and then 2 later in the day.  It stopped the Diarrhea cold.  It has only been 4 days since I began using Esdifan..already i have visited my mother with confidence and security on the subway.

I have more energy and my complexion is coming back to its original healthy glow.

GOD BLESS ALL Of YOU.  For this Mind body and spiritual healing..

Darien Marshall. Entertainment Executive


Subject: Thank you so much!

Dear ESDIFAN Makers,

I have been suffering with ... diarrhea for about 8 years now. It didn't matter what I ate or how closely I watched my eating habits. I tried almost all non-conventional ideas: closely watching my diet, drinking green tea, taking calcium, drinking a fiber supplement and even a .... I kept going back to .... 

As I was walking to the ..... area at my local CVS about a week ago, I noticed your natural diarrhea supplement product and decided to try it.

Guess what it worked! I have not had diarrhea since my very first dose nor have I had gas or cramping.  My bowel movements are NORMAL.  I had thought there was no help for me but thanks to your product I can start returning to a normal life again.

I will defiantly tell my friends, family and anyone who will listen about ESDIFAN.

Thanks for helping me return to a normal active lifestyle,

Timothy Mizell RRT

Senior Clinical Research Associate  • i3 Research



Chronic Diarrhea
Irritable Bowel Syndrome


"Many people chronically suffer from abdominal cramps, bloating, and diarrhea. The best known positive activity of natural zeolite is its action as an anti-diarrheal product. The only diarrhea product I recommend is Esdifan. It's very effective, natural, and safe."

Dr. Howard Peiper, author of "Zeolite, Nature's Heavy Metal Detoxifier"

Dr. Peiper, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, has written numerous books on nutrition and natural health including 12 best sellers.

Chronic Diarrhea
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