How to Stop Diarrhea
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Severe Diarrhea

Severe diarrhea can be caused by many things, mostly because there is a large build-up of toxins or a viral infection in the intestines. Diarrhea is the body's way of dealing with these infections and toxins, by using the available water in the body to wash out the intestines. When this happens, the person may find themselves making frequent trips to the bathroom. This is common in many stomach sicknesses and only helps to make the body better. It may be inconvenient, however it is necessary for the body to heal itself. When the body is going though diarrhea, it is using all of the available water in the body to flush out the system. This results in dehydration, leaving no water for the body to function correctly. Someone who is suffering from diarrhea should drink a lot of clear fluid and electrolyte filled fluids. When the body is flushing the system, it also flushes out important nutrients, salts and electrolytes.

So a person should take care to drink electrolytes. A good source of these are various sports drinks. The important thing is to remain hydrated so the body can continue to fight the infection. If the person does not drink water, this could lead to severe dehydration. People who suffer from chronic or severe diarrhea may be subject to a serious illness and should consult with a doctor. There are different kinds of medications to treat chronic diarrhea available. A person who is suffering from chronic or severe diarrhea should educate themselves about the product they are about to take. Since there are different illnesses that cause severe diarrhea, the person should take the medication that is designed for their specific situation. Do not take anything that will only further complicate an illness. There are things that can be done to help deal with diarrhea such as avoiding caffeine and alcohol, for they will only further dehydrate the body.

Eat items such as bananas, rice, apples and dry toast. These will supply the nutrients that the body is flushing out when cleaning the system. Plenty of water should be drank, along with supply of electrolytes to replace those that were washed out. This can be done to help ease the diarrhea until it passes. Plenty of rest is important as well in order to help the body combat the illness within it. Although the causes of diarrhea and severe diarrhea vary, there are key things that can be done to help ease the process, such as drinking water and staying in bed. People who suffer from chronic or severe diarrhea should consult with a doctor before taking and anti-diarrhea medications. There are diarrhea supplements out there that are natural and have no negative side-effects.

Make sure to find the medication or supplement that is good for the specific illness and avoid any that would further complicate matters. If the diarrhea is short-term, the best thing to do is drink water and get rest until the body flushes out whatever threat is inside it.

How to Stop Diarrhea


How to Stop Diarrhea
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